Around the Studio During COVID

Around the Studio During COVID

1. Checking a composition's perspective from atop a ladder 2. A bowl of vibrant Citrus, before its loose threads are trimmed 3. Taking in a bit of the outdoors while walking through the gallery, alongside the Turned Earth Diptych. 4. Early-to-rise skiers make their marks in a coat of powder at Mt Bachelor 5. Lori loving on a studio guest 6. A work in progress becoming a contemplative painting 7. A note taken from our Dad's office wall we often reference 8. Sundown on a fall day along the Deschutes River 9. Symbiotic results from working head to head at the fiber table 10. Matching colors with thread from a 50 year old spool - nothing goes to waste here! 11. That moment of satisfaction when Wandering was finished - loving how it draws us in! 12. A few poppies mixed in with native grasses seen while on a walk with the intention of 'getting lost'.
We know a lot has changed since we last checked in. First and most importantly, we hope you and your loved ones are well. We also know, like us, you're probably having to adapt to a new...everything. 
Besides adjusting how we spend our time, we're also noticing how our focus on simple day-to-day moments has become magnified. As we slow down, it turns out there's no less to observe. On the contrary, it seems we can become even more engaged and consumed by the smallest details. Everything seems richer, more meaningful, and how we respond is imbued with intention. Since we're for the time being unable to host you at our studio, we've put together a few snapshots of recent moments in and around our space.
We've been social distancing for the better part of six weeks. Most of the time, one of us has worked behind a closed door at the studio, while the other does what she can at her home. In the meantime, we've been scrambling to figure out how we're going to survive this latest challenge we're all experiencing. It's no surprise how once again, we're being shown how anxiety and worry are not conducive to being creative. Combined, we have spent nearly eighty years finding ways to support and fulfill our singular NEED to create art. We've been through a lot together, but adaptation along with the help of your encouragement and support, has always allowed us to emerge stronger. During this time we're reminded that if we focus on the work of making art, and trust the creative process, we'll get through this too. 
We'd like to ask you to please stay tuned as we grow with this ever-evolving situation. We'll be eager to show you the results of our response. In the meantime, you can visit our virtual Studio and Gallery anytime, as we do our best to work and add art as it is completed. 
Thank you for reading our story. Thank you for always being there. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you. May it be soon.
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Hi Donna, It’s so good to hear from you! Yes, we’re back in action, though you’ll likely hear from us just every 1 – 2 months (we want to be sure we have time to make and show you something new in each newsletter). Thank you for always following us, and for checking in. It’s been so nice to know you for so many years – almost two decades! And yes, that IS a big dog! When Lori was holding him, he was just 16 weeks old. You should see him now – a giant teddy bear!

Lisa & Lori Lubbesmeyer

Yaaay!! I kept thinking :“Mmmm, haven’t had anything from Lisa and Lori for a while.” I definitely MISSED it!! I’m happy to read and see the journal insights That is ONE BIG DOG!!!!!! ;O) Looking forward to Your weekly newsletter!! With Hugs and Loves!! Donna

Donna Taylor

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