Sharing 20 Years with You

Sharing 20 Years with You

When we began our collaboration it was an experiment as to whether or not we could work together as artists. There were a lot of questions. Which media? What process? Do we work as individual artists, then combine the results? What if the collaboration doesn't work?

In the way the passing of time provides, a lot of these questions were answered by showing up at the studio, one day after the next. Some of what we've done has been through careful planning, but much of it has happened by our being open to making gutsy decisions and choosing to take risks. We've had to trust ourselves, each other, and get comfortable with a lot of unknowns. We've had plenty of tears, caused by painful arguments so enormous we thought we might never speak to each other again. Only to have those moments countered by incredible achievements, opportunities and shared joys. We've worked countless hours, and in return, have been rewarded with more inspiration the longer we work. 

We have so much more to do in art and with our collaboration. We can try to predict what's to come, but in reality, we know the most we can do is show up to the moment and see what comes. As we start our 21st year of work, and our fifth decade of life, we're poised to incorporate what the last 20 years have taught us, but we're leaving ourselves wide open to all that we have left to learn.
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